Interchaintest v8.1 Release Notes

Feb 06, 2024

Reece Williams

Strangelove released interchaintest version 8.1.0 on February 5th, 2024.


  • Adds Ethereum as a supported chain type. This includes websocket and forge script compatibility #918 + #928. Example test.

  • Non standard coin decimal types are supported such as 6, 12, 14, 18, and others #866

  • All major Cosmos-SDK queries and transactions are available to all interchaintest users. This includes: CosmWasm, Crisis, Distribution, FeeGrant, Gov, Slashing, Staking, Tokenfactory, Upgrade, and Vesting. #892

  • Relayers support custom signature algorithms such as Polkadot’s sr25519 #487

  • All Chains and Sidecars can add extra environment variables on initial chain configuration #933

  • Local Interchain supports Ethereum based networks #921

  • Improved Local Interchain experience with relaying via custom images #908Control validators within local-interchain networks at runtime #939


require ( v8.1.0


  • feat: support other coin decimals by @Reecepbcups in 866

  • SDK v0.50.1 & ibc-go/v8 by @Reecepbcups in 877

  • Update 08-wasm types from ibc-go main and change hyperspace config's wasm_code_hash to wasm_checksum by @misko9 in 884

  • typo: `CONTAINTERS` to `CONTAINERS` by @Reecepbcups in 905

  • feat!: local-ic remove relayer file dependency by @Reecepbcups in 908

  • feat: Migrate `AccAddressFromBech32` to use `chain.Config().Bech32` by @Reecepbcups in 904

  • Add anvil/ethereum support by @misko9 in 918

  • Add support for ethereum's forge script by @misko9 in 928

  • feat: local-interchain ethereum support by @Reecepbcups in 921

  • Conform to README.lint by @jonathanpberger in 881

  • feat: Add signingAlgorithm to relayer interface by @agouin in 487

  • chore: dependency versions by @Reecepbcups in 929

  • feat!: native core SDK command support by @Reecepbcups in 892

  • feat: optionally control other validators from local-ic by @Reecepbcups in 939

  • feat: wiring for additional start args and env by @agouin in 933

  • fix: copy port map for usingPorts by @Reecepbcups in 943

  • Update example python scripts links by @akc2267 in 961

  • Add create client options by @boojamya in 922

  • fix: Errors in cosmos Broadcaster are sometimes not propagated by @Reecepbcups in 938

  • Fixes and wires up `CreateClient` by @boojamya in 965

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