Go Relayer v2.2 released

Feb 03, 2023

Andrew Gouin

Go Relayer v2.2.0

Strangelove is proud to announce the latest release of our Go Relayer product, available at https://github.com/cosmos/relayer/releases/tag/v2.2.0


  • Injective and Evmos support. There is now an option to provide an `extra-codecs` array in the chain config for: `ethermint` and `injective`

  • The Relayer will now automatically keep light clients alive if the client has <= 1/3 of their trusting period left. Further configuration is available using the `--time-threshold` flag.

  • ICS support

  • Docker image is now a locked down scratch image with a minimal shell and utils

  • Separates `recv_packet` event handling from `write_acknowledgement` event handling, making async ack flows possible, such as for multi-hop atomic transfers strangelove-ventures/packet-forward-middleware#36 (#1038)


  • When an ordered channel is closed, all queued packets will be noop.

  • Fixes a bug where timeouts are batched on an ordered channel, making it impossible to close an ordered channel when multiple sequences are timed out simultaneously. (#1045)

  • Improves chain registry fetches to avoid rate limits (#1013)

  • Fix for client creation timing out on heavily used chains.

  • Transaction broadcast optimizations.

  • Fix prometheus metrics not being exposed in v2.1.2

What's Changed

  • dockerfile: move TARGET* args for fast workflow & ... by @pratikbin in #993

  • Respect the `override` flag upon client creation by @jtieri in #997

  • disable CountTotal in DefaultPageRequest by @agouin in #1009

  • Fix account sequence mismatch errors by @agouin in #1007

  • Bumps versions of some libs by @faddat in #1010

  • Add test case for multiple channels on one connection + remove integration tests in `_test` by @jtieri in #1021

  • feat: Update light client within threshold by @boojamya in #1008

  • cherrypick fix: Serve NewRegistry Registered Metrics into v2.2.0 by @joeabbey in #1032

  • Merge Dockerfile fixes to v2.2.0 branch by @joeabbey in #1056

  • Merge extra-codecs to v2.2.0 branch by @joeabbey in #1055

  • bump lens to v0.5.4 by @agouin in #1080


New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.1.2...v2.2.0

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