Horcrux v2.1 released

Dec 15, 2022

Andrew Gouin

Horcrux version 2.1.0 is live on GitHub as of December 14th, 2022.

Due to underlying library changes, a rolling update from v2.0 is not supported. See notes at the end of this update for the procedure to update from v2.0 to v2.1.

Improvements over v2.0:

  • Debug server with prometheus /metrics endpoint. #93

  • Import state from `tendermint priv_validator_state.json` file with horcrux state import. You will be asked to paste your file contents. #92

  • Raft update to v1.3.10, raft-grpc-transport update to v1.2.1, raft-boltdb update to v2.2.2 #105 #106

  • Threshold parameter validation during key shard and daemon startup #112

  • Logs added for participating cosigners even if they are not receiving requests directly from a sentry. #111

  • Leader election IPv6 fix and test framework improvements. #107 #110

Updating from Horcrux v2.0 to v2.1

Due to raft library updates, a rolling update from v2.0.0 is not supported. While it may be possible it is untested and we strongly recommend the following procedure.

  1. shut down all cluster nodes and delete the `~/.horcrux/raft` directory
  2. update the binary or docker image to v2.1.0
  3. start nodes back up

Big thank you to first time contributor @chillyvee for work on the prometheus metrics, state import command, and leader election IPv6 fix.

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