Horcrux v3: Streamlining Chain Signing and Simplifying Configuration

Jun 07, 2023

Andrew Gouin

We are excited to unveil the stable release of Horcrux v3, a powerful threshold signing solution developed by Strangelove. With a range of new features and improvements, Horcrux v3 introduces the capability to sign multiple chains from a single Horcrux cluster. This release marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing efficient and secure remote signing capabilities. Let's delve into the highlights of Horcrux v3 and how it empowers users in the blockchain ecosystem.

Signing Multiple Chains Made Easy

Horcrux v3 introduces an innovative feature that allows users to sign multiple chains effortlessly from a single Horcrux cluster. With this enhancement, validators can streamline their operations by managing and signing multiple chains simultaneously. This removes the need to maintain separate clusters for each blockchain. Whether you're working with one chain or several, Horcrux v3 ensures efficient and seamless signing processes, saving you valuable time and money.

Simplified Configuration with a Unified Config File

Gone are the days of managing separate configuration files for each cosigner in your Horcrux cluster. In Horcrux v3, we have introduced a unified configuration file format that can be utilized across all cosigners. This simplification eliminates the need for maintaining multiple configuration files, making it easier to manage and update the settings for your remote signing operations. Now you can enjoy a more streamlined configuration process with a single config file for your entire Horcrux cluster.

Seamless Migration from v2 to v3

We understand the importance of preserving your existing configurations and keys when transitioning to a new version. Horcrux v3 offers a convenient command that facilitates the migration of your config and key files from the v2 format to the v3 format. This ensures a smooth transition process, allowing you to retain your settings and seamlessly upgrade to the latest version without any disruptions.

Enhanced Validation and Key Authorization

In Horcrux v3, each chain you wish to sign blocks for must have a respective key `{chain-id}_shard.json` file. This file serves a dual purpose: authorizing chain IDs for validation and specifying the key shard to sign blocks with for that particular chain. By enforcing this mechanism, Horcrux v3 enhances the security and integrity of the signing process. Validators can ensure that only authorized chains are validated and that the appropriate key shards are used for signing, further fortifying the overall blockchain ecosystem.

Get Started with Horcrux v3

To explore the new features and enhancements in Horcrux v3, visit our official GitHub repository. You can download the stable release and find comprehensive installation instructions and usage guidelines to help you get started.


With the release of Horcrux v3, we empower validators to efficiently sign multiple chains from a single Horcrux cluster. The simplified configuration, seamless migration process, and enhanced validation mechanisms make Horcrux v3 the go-to solution for remote signing operations. Join the Horcrux community and embrace the power of Horcrux v3 as we revolutionize validator signing operations.

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